San Francisco International Airport – Terminal 2, 15th Gate Renovation

As part of the Turner / Woods Bagot / AE3 design-build team, AE3 Architects + Project Managers served as the Lead Architect for the 15th Gate renovation project at San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2.

The renovation was needed because of the increasing demand for gate space for Virgin America Airlines. On the landside, the project included reconfiguration of the two adjacent passenger hold rooms and the concourse retail atrium to add more seating to accommodate the additional passengers, expansion of the gate access corridor system to the new gate, and new signage, gate furnishings and seating, and addition of deluge sprinklers at some of the adjacent existing glazing.

On the airside, the project included 2 new passenger boarding bridge fixed walkways, 1 new boarding bridge, 1 new fuel pit, expansion of the apron concrete under the new aircraft parking position, readjustment of aircraft parking positions of 5 adjacent gates to make room for the new gate, and additional lighting for the new gate’s aircraft parking position.

Design services included programming, schematic though construction documentation, and construction administration. Challenges included: a tight 8 month schedule from programming to end of construction; not being able to take any gate out of service until the new gate was completed; addressing the needs of multiple stakeholders affected by the gate addition and reconfigurations; and a fairly tight budget, accommodating multiple aircraft types due to the Virgin / Alaska Airlines merger.

San Francisco, CA

Lead Architect (50/50 JV)

Completed 2017