Patelco Credit Union Branch Renovations

Patelco Credit Union Branch Renovations

Patelco Credit Union San Jose Branch Design - AE3 Architects + Project Managers


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AE3 performed design services for branch renovations of Patelco Credit Union in Berkeley, San Leandro, Sacramento and San Jose, the Patelco Headquarters cafeteria renovation, Patelco Credit Union & Sprinkles Cupcakes in San Ramon.

Patelco Credit Union and Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery is a joint commercial retail space at the new Bishop Ranch City Center Shopping Mall located in San Ramon, CA. AE3 served as the Architect of Record and Project Managers for the approximately 5,452 SF tenant improvement, which includes a CALGreen commercial kitchen, offices, point of service counters, and the back of house includes restrooms, storage and a shared community area for café and lounge seating. This is a “turn key” project which began as an initial concept and progressed through space planning, interior design, construction documents, contractor selection, value engineering and construction management.

The Berkeley branch project involved the renovation of the interior of a 3,546 SF tenant suite. The tenant suite is one story with a partial mezzanine in a Type V building storefront retail building.  In 2015, the neighboring tenant suffered a fire which resulted in some fire damage to the Patelco suite. The existing interior improvements were demolished to make way for this rebuild.

The San Leandro branch renovation included the one story interior of a 2,280 SF tenant suite. The Sacramento branch renovation included tenant improvements to 2,483 SF interior space. The San Jose branch renovation included tenant improvements to 2,897 SF of interior space.

The renovations included: reception areas with members lounge & coffee station; station teller areas; semi-private offices; “discovery station” (counter with iPads for self-service) and media walls; conference rooms; and back of house areas with employee lounge, check writer, kitchenette, and IT cage. AE3 also designed the complete renovation of Patelco’s Headquarters cafeteria. The scope of work included the interior selection of new furnishings, kitchen equipment and finishes.

Patelco Credit Union San Jose Branch Design - AE3 Architects + Project Managers

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