AE3 is pleased to announce the hiring of Anika Scott as a full time Project Manager and Project Architect. In this position, Anika will be working directly with our clients in the design, management, and production of our architectural projects.

Anika’s passion for architecture came from her love of designing and watching buildings being constructed. After researching architecture as a child and seeing images of the Sistine Chapel and other amazing buildings, she knew that she wanted to become an architect and design buildings, herself. With a passion  for drawing, she found that architecture was a wonderful way to incorporate her favorite hobby into her everyday life. Her style of  design is unique because she starts with a painting and then transform it into a 3D sketch or model which is then transformed into a building by applying program and scale. Anika shares, “I agree that form follows function, but getting inspiration is the key to good architecture.”

Anika grew up in Alabama and Georgia and received her bachelors and masters in architecture from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. While pursuing her degrees, she worked for a firm that focused on high-end residential homes. After graduation, she worked with diverse firms that specialized in community centers, skating rinks, fire stations, courthouses, college campuses, restaurants, and medical offices. Anika enjoyed the construction industry so much that she became a construction supervisor in Boston and managed a small crew that renovated churches and banks. After moving back to Georgia, she worked for a firm that specialized in multi-family housing, specifically high-rise multi-use student housing, 4-story multi-family residences, and condominiums.

Anika also served as a board member for Habitat for Humanity which allowed her to give back to the community and use her skills to provide homes for those in need. In her free time, Anika enjoys skating, drawing, ballet and jazz, and painting. She also enjoys cheerleading and was a cheerleader from 6th grade to the age of 29 where she was a professional cheerleader for the Columbus Lions in her hometown. Her love of football encouraged her to get as close to the sport as possible!

Anika is excited to join AE3 and shares, “AE3 seems very diverse in its project types and I love the modern buildings California has to offer.” Her contagious enthusiasm and diverse background will have a positive impact on our team and in the communities we serve.

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