Dublin Alameda County Sheriff's Office

AE3 served as the Prime Architect and Construction Manager for the new Alameda County Sherriff’s Office located with the Patelco Credit Union Headquarters in Dublin. This project was developed as a “turnkey” tenant improvement project by Patelco who is the County’s landlord. Located close to the Santa Rita Jail Facility, this non public facing office contains Fingerprinting / CAL iD, Internal Affairs and Background Check Functions along with administrative offices and training areas.
After an involved programming phase with Sherriff Department staff, the project’s schematic design was developed and approved by both the Sherriff’s Office and Patelco in mid-2019. The Board of Supervisor approved the lease in April 2020, which allowed the project design and construction to be completed by early 2021.
Alameda, CA
Prime Architect + Construction Manager
36,000 SF
Completed 2021