Crenshaw Expo Village

AE3 provided conceptual and schematic design services for a 400 unit mixed-use transit-oriented development located at the north end of Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District for a large, Atlanta-based developer specializing in community buildings around Transit-Oriented Development sites.

AE3 provided master planning services for the entire 400 unit development and was the lead architect on the main 236 unit building located over a Metro station entrance. The project, designed to create an active community neighborhood around this major transportation nexus, utilized up to six levels of Type III construction over 42,000 type I retail podium.

The buildings are arranged around a central courtyard that encompasses the station access and an existing sycamore grove. The sites were connected with a broad tree lined Alameda showing the history of the area. The project embodied the principals of New Urbanism and worked to integrate the 5-story buildings into the surrounding neighborhood through articulation of mass, retail paseos and courtyards designed to break the mass down to a more human scale and cleanly tie circulation and pedestrian paths into the community.

Los Angeles, CA

Prime Architect

200,000 SF